2006 Australian Football League – Finishing

AFL Premiership Season called Toyota Australian Football League (AFL) Premiership Season of the 2006 Football League for the current year has started during late March this year and presently progressing towards the end and when you will read this report, the Semi Finals will be about to start.

This year’s is the 110th season of the Australian Football League.

Football betting is also at its peak and is now concentrating on the Premiership matches.

Footy tippings are the major way of betting in the AFL, and with the help of Internet Footy tipping has been clubbed with online football betting which has become most popular betting game in the Australian Football League Premiership.

Let us back to our discussions on the 2006 Australian Football League.

Let us look to some special events in the AFL Preliminary Round matches.

Geelong defeated the Adelaide Crows to win their First title at the senior AFL level since their premiership in 1963. The game was held at AAMI Stadium, with an attendance of 30,707.

Now let us see at a glance the Top Eight Positions in the Ladder after completion of 22 Rounds of Preliminary League Matches. sbobet

West Coast Eagles has come at the top of the League Table with 17 wins and 5 losses out of 22 numbers of league matches. They are at the top with 68 points.

Adelaide Crows are in the second position in the Ladder with 64 points with 16 wins and six losses out of 22 matches.

Fremantle Dockers are in the third position in the League Table with 60 points in 15 wins and seven losses out of 22 matches.

Sydney Swans are in the fourth position with 14 wins and 8 losses and with points 56.

Collingwood Magpies have got 56 points and is in the fifth position in the ladder with 14 wins and 8 losses.

St Kilda Saints have also got 56 points with 14 wins and 8 losses but placed in the sixth position in the ladder

The seventh position in the League table is occupied by Melbourne Demons with 13 wins, 8 losses and one match draw out of 22 league round matches. Their collection of points is 54.

The eighth position is won by Western Bulldogs. The have collected overall 52 points in the League round with 13wins and nine losses.


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